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How do the average leaderboards work?
How do the average leaderboards work?

Find out how our average distance/steps leaderboards are calculated

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Your challenge organiser may have enabled you to see a leaderboard that is ranked using each team's average distance or steps. This leaderboard allows for a fairer comparison between small and large teams, using a "distance per team member" (or "steps per team member") value rather than the team's total.

When we calculate this figure, we take a team's total distance (or steps) and divide that by the number of people in the team that have added distance. This means that anyone in the team that hasn't added distance will not be included in the calculation.

For example, if there are five people in the team but only four have added distance, we will divide the team's total distance by four rather than five to get the team's average.

So why do we do this? We've found that sometimes people join a team but then - for whatever reason - don't actually participate in the challenge, however they also don't explicitly leave the team. Including them in the average calculation would penalise the other, active, team members.

As soon as a team member adds any distance, they are then included in the average calculation. We think this is the fairest way of ranking teams based on their average.

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