A new feature in your Big Team Challenge admin is the option to administer teams on your participants behalf.

You can:

  1. Create new teams, specifying the member email addresses

  2. Update an existing team - name, location, description

  3. Add a new member email to an existing team

  4. Cancel a pending new member invite

To create a team, login to your admin website (e.g. demo.bigteamchallenge.com/admin) and visit the new "Teams" link on the left-hand navigation. You should see a list of all teams:

Teams page on admin

From the Teams page, you can search for a team, click on the "Edit" button on a table row to edit a team, or use the "Add New Team" button to open the team creation popup:

Create new team form

Each team must have a unique name - enter this along with (optionally) the team's location and description. If Team Segments are enabled, choose the leaderboard segment this team should belong to.

You can also choose whether to allow other other participants to join the team through the website and apps - "Anyone can join". Alternatively select "Invite only" to require an invite from this section.

When creating a team, you must add at least one member to the team. This is done by entering their email address in the "Email" box. The Nickname box on each row is also required - we use this to identify invites as we don't remember the email for privacy reasons. For each team member:

  1. If the email address is already a registered participant but they are a member of another team, you will get an error message.

  2. If the email address is already a registered participant and not in a team, they will be automatically added to the team - i.e. no invite. Note: this will cancel any pending invites for other teams.

  3. If the email address is not registered, they will receive an invitation email with a link to register for your challenge. Upon registering (using the same email address), they will be automatically added to the team. Note: Normal non-admin invites require the user to press "Accept" or "Decline".

After creating a team, you can edit the team's details and add new members - up to the maximum number of users per team:

Adding team members to a new team
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