Fixing Health Connect sync issues
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The Health Connect app/service works as a broker between Big Team Challenge and your chosen Android step-counting app (eg. Google Fit, Samsung Health). We rely on Health Connect sending us your steps, and Health Connect relies on the step-counting app to sending your steps to it. This chain can sometimes encounter issues, and this help article aims to help you resolve those.

The first thing to check is that you have given Health Connect permission to read steps from your step-counting app and then send them to Big Team Challenge.

Open Health Connect (you can search for "health connect" in the Play Store and open it from there), and go to "App permissions". Is Big Team Challenge listed under "Allowed access"? Is your step-counting app also there?

If not, please tap on the item and allow access to your steps.

For example, if you were to tap on "Samsung Health" above, you'd see the following screen and could allow access.

Samsung Health access

Please check this for both Big Team Challenge and your chosen step-counting app.

If your steps are still not syncing, open Health Connect, go to "Data and access", then "See all categories", then "Activity", "Steps", "See all entries". This will show you the steps data that is in Health Connect.

If this is empty or if you don't have access to any of these sections, it means Samsung Health or Google Fit isn't syncing to Health Connect.

We'd recommend checking the settings in Samsung Health and Google Fit, and even revoking the permissions and then granting them again.

Google has a support article available here:

Samsung Heath support is available here:

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