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Please note that we strongly recommend participants sync their steps from Google Fit instead of Samsung Health as the Samsung Health app is slow at updating and can be unreliable. Google Fit, in our experience, provides a much better syncing experience. Google Fit is available for free from the Play Store.

Samsung Health integrates with Health Connect on Android and allows you to sync your steps to Big Team Challenge.

Please read this help article to find out how to sync Health Connect to Big Team Challenge.

Debugging Samsung Health Sync Issues

If you are experiencing issues syncing your steps from Samsung Health, please follow the steps outlined below.

Open the Samsung Health app

Tap the button with the three dots at the top right of the 'Home' tab, then go to 'Settings', then 'Health Connect'.

Samsung Health, open Health Connect

Enable Steps in Health Connect

Tap 'App permissions', then 'Samsung Health', the enable either 'Allow all' or 'Steps'.

If Samsung Health isn't in the 'Allowed access' section of 'App permissions', it may be showing in 'Not allowed access'. If so, please tap on it and allow access.

Check app permissions

Check your steps data

If the permissions are correct but your steps still aren't syncing, open the Health Connect app and tap on 'Data and access'. Next, select 'See all categories', then 'Activity', then 'Steps'. The next screen should show Samsung Health in the 'can write steps' section. If not, please go back and check your permissions. You can tap on 'See all entries' to see the step data.

Check steps

If you reach the final stage and there is no step data, this means that Samsung Health is not sending your steps to Health Connect and we therefore cannot sync them. Samsung Health may be delaying this process, so we suggest waiting an hour or so then checking again.

If you still do not see your steps in the Health Connect app, please contact Samsung Health support for more information.

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