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Find out more about how to sync your steps via Apple Health

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If you are seeing an error message in our app saying that there is an issue with your connection please:

  • Open your iPhone's Settings app

  • Tap on Privacy

  • Tap on Health

  • Tap on Big Team Challenge

  • Please ensure all settings are turned on, then return to the Big Team Challenge app and your steps should sync

We have a tutorial video covering how to connect to Apple Health:

After following the steps outlined below, the Big Team Challenge app will sync your latest step count and walking/running distance from Apple Health each time you open the app and in the background as often as iOS permits. This provides you with an easy and hassle-free way of adding your steps to the challenge.

Open the Sync Devices Screen

Tap on the menu button then select Sync Devices from the list.

Connect to Apple Health

Tap on Connect to Apple Health in the Devices section.

Confirm to Continue

The next screen will tell you a little bit more about the connection. Tap Connect if you're happy to continue.

Grant Access to Your Health Data

Apple Health will now ask you to grant us access to your Steps, and Walking + Running Distance data. If you wish to continue, tap the switch.

Once the switch is set to on, tap Allow.

Confirm You're Connected

If everything worked correctly, you'll be taken back to the Big Team Challenge app. The top of the Sync Devices screen should say Connected and the list entry will have updated to read Disconnect. This indicates the connection completed successfully. If you wish to disconnect from Apple Health in the future, just tap on that entry in the list.

Start Walking!

Big Team Challenge will now ask Apple Health for you latest step count every time you open the app. These steps will be synced to the challenge.

If your steps aren't syncing, pease check that your latest steps are showing in the Apple Health app.

Please note: There may be a delay in the initial Apple Health sync. Please allow at least a few hours after enabling the Apple Health Sync option for your steps to start syncing.

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