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Linking Fundraising to Your Challenge
Linking Fundraising to Your Challenge

Find out how to link Big Team Challenge to your fundraising page

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If you're running a charity fundraiser alongside your challenge you can now highlight this in a dedicated "Fundraising" section of the challenge website and apps.

We've partnered with JustGiving to allow you to automatically sync the progress of your JustGiving fundraiser to Big Team Challenge, but you can also manually add your fundraiser details and keep your participants up-to-date with the latest total raised.

You can control the fundraising details via your private admin area once you have published a challenge. Just log in to the admin area (eg., select the challenge and open the Fundraising tab.

The Fundraising tab

You'll see two options: one to link to a JustGiving fundraising page, and another to add your custom fundraising information.

JustGiving Fundraising

JustGiving allows anyone to easily create a fundraiser for a huge selection of worldwide charities. If you haven't already created a fundraising page, you can do so here:

If you are the owner of the charity account on JustGiving, you may have created a "campaign". This is also compatible with our system.

Once your fundraiser has been published on JustGiving, you'll have a unique fundraising URL which will look something like this:

You can select "Create JustGiving Fundraiser" in Big Team Challenge and then enter the full JustGiving URL on the next page. The system will verify this URL. If there are any issues with this, please contact our support team for assistance.

Link to JustGiving

Once verified, the system will load the JustGiving fundraiser information and create a draft Fundraiser for your challenge. The next page will show you all the information that's been pulled in from JustGiving. If you'd like to edit any of the information, tick the "Override JustGiving value" tickbox beside the information and enter the updated value. At any time you can click "Save as Draft" under Actions to save your progress. Once you're happy with the fundraiser, click "Publish" under Actions to make the fundraiser live on your challenge.

Once published, a new "Fundraising" menu item will appear on the challenge website and will be visible to all of your participants. Selecting this will open the Fundraising page and show the latest progress of your JustGiving fundraiser and include a link to your JustGiving page.

Fundraising on web

On the app, a new "Fundraising" sidebar menu item will appear which will take the user to the Fundraising screen. From here, they can see the progress of the fundraiser, link to the donate page and also see latest donations (for fundraisers but not for campaigns).

Fundraising on app

You may have additional links/resources you wish to point your participants towards (eg. a downloadable fundraising pack). If so, you can add these at the bottom of the Fundraising admin tab. Just click on "Add Another Link".

Add new fundraising link

You'll be asked to enter the details for the link (the link's title, the text for the link's button and the URL for the link).

Enter additional link details

Once you've entered this information, scroll back to the top of the page and select "Save" under Actions. You can edit or remove these additional links at any time.

You'll see the additional links at the bottom of the Fundraising page (and Fundraising screen of the app) as in the screenshot below.

Custom Fundraising

If you're not using JustGiving but still wish to tell your participant about your fundraising activities, you can select the "Create Standard Fundraiser" on the Fundraising challenge admin tab.

Create standard fundraiser

The system will then create a fundraiser in draft mode (not visible to your participants). You can enter all of the details on the next page, including any additional links as per above, and when you're ready, click "Publish" under Actions to make it live on your challenge.

Draft standard fundraiser

Once published, it will be visible to your participants via the Fundraising section of the website and in the app.

You are able to enter the fundraising goal and current total and update these at any time. If you don't have a fundraising goal, feel fee to leave the "Fundraising Goal" field blank. If you also don't want to show the current total raised, you can also leave the "Total Donations" field blank. Doing so will hide the relevant information from the Fundraising page on the challenge website and app.

Removing Your Fundraiser

If for whatever reason you wish to hide the fundraising from your participants, just click on "Delete" under Actions in the Fundraising tab of the challenge admin area. This will immediately hide the fundraising page from the challenge website and from the app.

Remove your fundraiser
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