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Administration for Challenge Organisers
Administration for Challenge Organisers

Find out the best ways to administer your Big Team Challenge.

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How do challenge timezones work?
How does the grace period work?
A new look BTC
Sharing your challenge on social media
Transferring Challenge Ownership
Linking Fundraising to Your Challenge
Including HTML in your Challenge Posts
Adding Activity On Behalf of a Participant
Moving a Participant to Another Team
What are Big Team Challenge's system requirements?
Controlling Which Leaderboards Are Visible In Your Challenge
Terms and Pricing Update 2022
Challenge Achievements/Awards
Imagery Asset Sizes
Security Practices
Is Big Team Challenge available worldwide?
What's the difference between the challenge types?
Adding Custom Registration Fields
Choosing Activity Types for Your Challenge
Adding an External Link
Adding Your Landing Page Welcome Message
Challenge Checklist
Closing Registrations for Your Challenge
Changing Your Challenge's Team Size
Branding Your Challenge
Can I try a demo?
Administering and Managing Teams
Use an Passcode / Access Code to Secure Your Challenge
Sending Out Challenge News & Updates
What Leaderboards Can Participants See?
Can people sign-up to take part in our Big Team Challenge before the challenge begins?
Do we need to let our participants know when the challenge has started?
How do I get started?
Can I choose when our challenge will start and how long with it last?
Must participants enter their distances in steps?
Can our participants sync their activity trackers with Big Team Challenge?
What happens when a participant adds the distance they have walked/cycled?
Can I designate someone to be a challenge administrator?
What information do participants need to provide?
How do I download information about my participants and teams?
Privacy and GDPR