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Find out everything you should check before launching your challenge

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Here's a list of things you should double-check before you launch your challenge. If you need help with any of this, please get in touch!

Start and End Dates/Times

Your challenge has specific start and end dates and times. You can check these in your admin area as per the screenshot below. If you need these changed, please contact our support team.


Your challenge will follow one of our virtual routes which you chose when you created the challenge. If you need this changed, please contact our support team.

Maximum Team Size

When setting up your challenge you'll have selected your maximum team size. This is the maximum number of people who can join each team. You can find out how to change this here.


You can upload your organisation logo to brand your challenge. This is an important step which allows your participants to recognise that they're taking part in the right challenge. You can find out how to add your branding here.

Landing Page Welcome Message

You can add a welcome message to your challenge's landing page. This gives you an opportunity to explain what the challenge is about to your participants, set out any rules, and link to any external sites for more information. You can find out how to add your welcome message here

External Link

You have the option of highlighting a link to an external webpage in the challenge website and our app. This may be useful if you have a fundraising page or an information page about the challenge. You can find out more about the external link here.

Activity Types

Our default manual activity input activity types are "Walk" and "Run". We can enable other activity types (eg. "Cycle") for you on your request, please just get in touch with us for more information. We can also add a link to our Activity Conversion Chart. You can find out more here.

Custom Registration Fields

When a participant registers for your challenge, they'll enter their name and email. If you'd like to collect more information about them, our support team can assist you in adding extra registration fields. You can find out more here.

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