Branding Your Challenge

How can you add your own branding/logo to your Big Team Challenge?

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Adding your own logo is an important step when creating your own Big Team Challenge.

Where does my logo appear?

Your logo will appear in a number of places:

On the challenge landing page:

On the challenge website:

Logo on challenge website

On the app sign in/register screen and in the sidebar:

App screenshot showing logo in the app

How do I upload my logo?

Open Your Admin Area

Log in to your admin area (your challenge URL with "/admin" at the end).

Go to the Settings Section

Click on "Settings"

Click on "Appearance"

Upload your logo. The "Site Logo" appears on the website and mobile apps. The "E-mails Logo" appears at the top of any emails sent to your participants.

Ideal Logo Size

Please find the latest logo sizing information here:

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