Your challenge's landing page is your participants' first port of call; from here they register to take part or log in if they're previously registered. You can use this page to tell your participants about the challenge, set any rules, and link them to any external sites for more information or to your fundraising page. The section highlighted in the screenshot below is where your message will display.

(You can find out about uploading your own logo here.)

Here's how to write your own welcome message:

Open Your Admin Area

Log in to your admin area (your challenge URL with "/admin" at the end).

Click on the Current Challenge's "Edit" Button

Admin page showing the edit challenge link

Enter Your Message

Type your welcome message into the "Description" field. You can add images and links to this text.

Admin page showing how to edit the challenge description

Click "Update Challenge" to Save Your Changes

Admin page showing the update challenge button

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