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Sending Out Challenge News & Updates
Sending Out Challenge News & Updates

Find out how to send our challenge updates to all of your participants

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You can send out updates to your participants at any time via the Posts section of your private admin area. These will appear on the challenge website and iPhone/Android app, and you can optionally send them via email and push notifications.

(If you prefer to use your own email communication system, your Big Team Challenge admin website includes the option to export users to a csv file, including each user’s registered email address for importing into your third party system.)

Open The "Posts" Area of Your Admin Area

Your private admin area is located at [your challenge website]/admin (eg. You can log in with your email and password you chose when you first signed up.

Create a New Post

You'll see a list of any posts you've already sent and the "Create New Post" button. Click on that to get started.

Add Your Content

Each post is made up of three parts:

  • Title: This is used as the title of your challenge post as well as the subject of the optional email updates and push notifications. This should be a short overview of the content of this challenge update (e.g. "Week 1 Review" or "Selfie Competition").

  • Summary: This is only used in our iOS and Android apps and allows you to provide your participants with a short synopsis of the update before they tap to read the whole challenge update (e.g. "Great progress made this week. 250 miles and counting!" or "We're running a selfie competition. Submit yours for a chance to win!").

  • Body: This is the main content of your challenge update. It can be of any length and can contain new lines to separate paragraphs but can't contain HTML code or any attachments. (If you wish to send attachments to your participants, you can export their emails as a CSV file and import that into your own mailing software)

Select Your Notification Settings

There are a few options when creating a new post in terms of both to whom the update is available, and how participants will be notified about it.

You can choose to send notifications about this update to either all of your registered users or only users who have signed up to a team for the current challenge. This is useful when you're running your second challenge as some registered users may not wish to take part this time and will not want to receive notifications about this update.

You can also choose how these notifications are sent, either via email and/or by a push notification to participants who have downloaded our iOS and Android app.

Publish or Save As Draft

Once you're all set, click "Publish and Send" and your post will be available to your participants and any optional notifications you've selected will also be sent. If you're not quite ready to publish the challenge update, you can select "Save As Draft" and edit it later by selecting it from the Posts section.

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