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Controlling Which Leaderboards Are Visible In Your Challenge
Controlling Which Leaderboards Are Visible In Your Challenge

Find out how to change which leaderboards are shown to your participants

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You can choose to enable multiple leaderboards in your challenge via your private admin area. Read more about these leaderboards.

You will be asked which leaderboards you'd like to enable in the challenge setup wizard, but you can also change the settings at any time once a challenge is live.

Team Segments

One feature that goes hand-in-hand with leaderboards is "team segments". This optional feature enables an extra layer of competition within the challenge. As the admin, you'll enter a list of segments for your challenge. When creating a team, a participant will be asked to select which segment their team belongs to. Segments could be things like "activity level", "location", "business unit", "department".

The team segments feature is entirely optional and usually suited to larger challenges with many teams. For example, an organisation with multiple office locations may choose to create one segment for each office location. This would allow them to create sub-competitions for the teams within each office location, and also a competition between the office locations. Let's say the organisation has multiple teams in New York, Boston and Chicago. As a participant in a New York team, I could see leaderboards showing:

  • How my team is performing against all other teams in all offices.

  • How my team is performing against teams just within the New York office.

  • How all the teams in New York combined are performing against all of the teams in Boston and Chicago.

Choosing Leaderboards When Creating a Challenge

The Leaderboards stage of the challenge setup wizard will first ask if you wish to enabled the team segments feature. Team segments are disabled by default. If you wish to enable team segments, select "Yes"

Leaderboards in the challenge setup wizard

If you select "Yes", you'll then be asked what you'd like segments to be known as. As in the example above, let's call them "Office Location".

Enabling team segments

Now it's time to add your segment options. You can add more segments by using the "Add Another" button and you can delete a segment by clicking on the red cross beside each segment. The screenshot below shows our three office location segments.

Creating team segment options

Scrolling down the page, you'll then be asked which leaderboards you'd like to enable. By default, the leaderboard showing all teams sorted by distance is enabled. You can enable and disable any leaderboards but there must be at least one leaderboard enabled.

You can also select which leaderboard should be the "default" leaderboard: this will appear to your participants first when they open the Leaderboards section of the website/app.

You can also choose whether each leaderboard should be ranked by distance (kilometers/miles) or by footsteps. This will change the sort order and also the unit displayed to the participants.

You can see in the below screenshot that three segment-specific leaderboards are available since we have selected "Yes" to enabling team segments.

Enabling leaderboards

Changing Leaderboards After a Challenge Has Been Created

You can change the visible leaderboards at any time by going back into a challenge's setup wizard (even after a challenge has started).

To do so, open the challenge in your admin area and click on Settings.

Challenge Settings

Next, open the "Leaderboards" section.

Open the Leaderboards section

You can now change all of the leaderboard settings. Make sure you click "Update" at the bottom to save your changes.

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