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Including HTML in your Challenge Posts
Including HTML in your Challenge Posts

What HTML tags you can include in your Challenge Posts

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For more information on creating and sending Challenge News & Updates to your participants via Posts, please see

When editing the Body of a Challenge Post, you are shown a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. This shows your formatted text how it will appear in the post on web and email, including things like bold, italic, headings, links, etc.

You can also add your own HTML code by clicking the <> icon in the editor toolbar. For security and compatibility across devices, only some HTML tags are allowed to be added, and you will get the following validation error if you use other HTML tags (e.g. <script>):

Your HTML included some disallowed tags.

If you see that error message, please switch to the code view using the <> icon and remove all tags that are not in the list below. Alternatively get in touch with us (including the HTML code you are trying to use) and our technical support team will get back to you.

The list of allowed HTML tags is:

  • <a>

  • <b>

  • <blockquote>

  • <br>

  • <em>

  • <figure>

  • <h1>

  • <h2>

  • <h3>

  • <h4>

  • <h5>

  • <hr>

  • <i>

  • <img>

  • <li>

  • <ol>

  • <p>

  • <pre>

  • <span>

  • <strong>

  • <sub>

  • <sup>

  • <u>

  • <ul>

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