How do I view my daily activity?

Find out how to view your activity for each day of the challenge

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On the Website

If you open the Dashboard on the challenge website, you'll see a snapshot of your daily history in the left-hand column. You can click on this to view your full daily history.

Alternatively, go to https://<your challenge address>

Accessing daily activity

The Daily Activity page allows you to view activity for each day of the challenge and also add new activity for a previous day.

Daily activity on web

On the App

Open the Dashboard screen, tap the "+" button at the bottom of the screen then select the "Add Activity" button at the bottom. Alternatively, open the Profile and tap "Open Activity View".

Access daily activity on app

Now, select a day and you'll see all of the individual activity entries. You can select "Add activity" to add a new activity for that day.

Daily activity on app
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