Adding Your Distance Manually

Find out how to add manual distance to the challenge

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You can manually add your distance to the challenge at any time. You can do this via the website or our app.

On the Challenge Website

Once the challenge has started, you should see an "Add Activity" box at the top of the Dashboard page. Click on this to add your activity.

Add your activity

Here, you can choose your activity type, choose the unit of the activity (eg. steps, kilometers, miles) and also choose the day on which the activity took place. Once you're ready, click "Add Activity" to add the activity to your challenge.

Add activity options

On the App

In our iOS/Android app, once the challenge has begun, you should see an "Add Activity" button at the bottom of the Dashboard screen (tap the "+" button to see this option). Tap on this button. You can also open the Activity View from the My Profile screen.

Now, select the day for the activity, then tap "Add activity for...". Next, you'll be asked what type of activity you did and what unit the activity was measured in (steps, km or miles).

Finally, you'll be asked to enter the unit and the distance for the activity. Type this in, then tap the "Add..." button at the bottom of the screen.

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