Syncing with Garmin Connect

How to connect your Garmin account to sync steps automatically

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We have a video tutorial that shows you how to connect your Garmin Connect account to Big Team Challenge:

Connecting to Garmin via the web

Open 'My Account > Sync Devices' in the main navigation

Click on 'Connect' in the Garmin box.

Sign into the website with your Garmin logins.

Grant permissions to your 'Daily Health Stats'

Agree to the connection.

Connecting to Garmin via the app

Open 'Sync Device' from the navigation

Select 'Connect' from the Garmin box

Sign in to your account with your Garmin logins

Enable your 'Daily Health Stats'

Agree to connect Garmin and Big Team Challenge.


Once your Garmin Connect account is connected to Big Team Challenge, we automatically log distances in the background when notified by Garmin's servers. This usually happens each time you sync your tracker via bluetooth with the Garmin Connect mobile app.

For more information about syncing to Garmin Connect please see

Once Big Team Challenge has pulled in distance for a particular day, we only bank the difference if more steps have been added since the last sync.

Note: only daily steps from your tracker are synced from Garmin Connect - manually entered activities on your Garmin Connect account may not be included in the synced day's total. Steps are also converted to meters within Big Team Challenge, so the total meters walked may appear different to Garmin's data.

If you have any issues with Garmin Connect sync, please first check the website (when logged in) under Daily Summary. The totals in steps should match up with what has been automatically logged on your account. On the Garmin Connect app, you can Activities - Steps to view your daily step count.

To stop syncing with Garmin Connect, just press the "Disconnect" button (or toggle off) instead in step 4 above.

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