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Find out how to register to take part in a challenge.

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Registering to take part in your organisation's challenge is easy and can be done online via your web browser or using our free Android and iOS apps.

Step 1: Challenge Domain Name

Your challenge organiser should have sent you the web address of you challenge which will look something like This is the URL (domain) that you need to type in to your web browser or our mobile apps. Since each challenge organiser has their own unique domain, this helps us to identify and load the correct challenge when you visit the website or load the mobile app.

Step 2: Register Online

1. Visit the domain / URL for your challenge (e.g.

2. Fill in the registration form on the homepage or on the "Register" page linked to in the top navigation.

3. Optionally, fill in any additional registration fields on the second screen

5. Optionally connect your Fitbit device (in Settings > Connected Apps)

We have a video tutorial that outlines this process:

Step 3: Create or Join a Team

You must create or join a team to participate in the challenge. The minimum participants per team is 1 and the maximum is shown on the invite screen.

Since you tackle the route distance in your team, if you have fewer team members it might be a bit trickier complete the virtual challenge. It’s the getting out and being active that’s important though, so the best of luck!

We have two video tutorials that show you how to create a team and how to accept a team invite:

Step 4: Log Your Distance

Wait until the challenge start date (shown on the website and apps) and start logging your distance.

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