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What are Big Team Challenge's system requirements?
What are Big Team Challenge's system requirements?

Find our about system requirements for our web and app platforms

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System Requirements

Big Team Challenge is designed to work on as wide a range of devices as possible. There are four different ways challenge participants and administrators can interact with Big Team Challenge:

Challenge Website

The Big Team Challenge website is compatible with latest, stable releases of all major browsers and platforms. We recommend Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge - the minimum versions are: Chrome: 45+, Safari 9+, Firefox: 38+, Edge 12+. As of July 2022, we no longer support Internet Explorer and recommend upgrading to a modern browser.

iOS (iPhone) app

The Big Team Challenge iPhone app is compatible with iPhone devices running iOS 13.0 and above. As of May 2022, this covers > 98% of all active iOS devices (source: Apple).

Android app

The Big Team Challenge Android app is compatible with Android devices running Android 5.0 and above. As of December 2022, this covers > 99% of Android devices (source: Android Studio).

Networking and Emails

While we will endeavour to make Big Team Challenge as accessible as possible, your organisation's network settings/rules/firewall may block certain aspects of our system. We would recommend asking your IT team to confirm un-restricted access to Big Team Challenge before your challenge begins.

You can read more about our hosting and emails here.

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