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Adding Activity On Behalf of a Participant
Adding Activity On Behalf of a Participant

Learn how to add activity/distance on behalf of one of your participants

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As the challenge organiser, you have the ability to add activity on behalf of your participants. You can only do this is the user is in a team and the challenge is currently active.

To do so, first log in to your admin area, then go to the Users section.

Open the Users section of the admin area

Now select or search for the person on whose behalf you'd like to add the activity.

Find the user

Select the user, and go to the "Distances" tab on their profile page.

Open the Distances tab

Finally, use the "Add activity" form at the top of the page to add activity on the user's behalf. You can select the activity type, the unit (steps / kilometres / miles) of the activity, the activity's date and the activity amount.

Add the activity

Once added, you should see a "success" message and the new activity should appear in the list of activities below.

The activity has been added

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