Fixing Garmin Connect sync issues
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This article outlines common steps to fix issues once you are connected to Garmin. For more information about how Garmin syncing works or how to connect, visit Syncing with Garmin Connect

Common issues

The most common issues affecting Garmin Connect syncing are:

  1. The Garmin Connect mobile app has not synced your watch / band steps and therefore we have not received any steps from Garmin Connect to log.

  2. Your missing steps are for a date before you connected to Garmin Connect - we only accept steps from the point you connect onwards (including if you disconnect and reconnect).

  3. You have connected to Garmin Connect but not given permission to access your activity data.

  4. You have connected to Garmin Connect but logged into the wrong Garmin account to the one you use on the Garmin Connect app.

The first thing to check is that you are connected to Garmin Connect on Big Team Challenge.

  • On the Big Team Challenge mobile app:

    • Open the sidebar and click Sync Devices

  • On the challenge website:

    • Click My Account then Sync Devices in the navigation

Ensure that the 'Active Device' says Garmin Connect. If you are not connected to Garmin Connect please see instructions here.

Check access and account

The next thing to check is that you are connected to the right account and have given permission to access your steps:

  • On the Garmin Connect mobile app:

    • Click on More (...) on the bottom tabs

    • Click on Settings

    • Click on Connected Apps

    • Ensure Big Team Challenge is shown and click

    • Ensure that Daily Health Stats is toggled on

  • On

If Big Team Challenge is not shown on Garmin Connect apps but you are connected on Big Team Challenge, you may be connected to the wrong account. To resolve this:

  1. Visit and then log out

  2. Open up your challenge website and click My Account then Sync Devices in the navigation

  3. Press Disconnect beside Garmin Connect

  4. When redirected back, Press Connect beside Garmin Connect and ensure you login to the correct account.

Triggering a sync

Once you have connected Garmin Connect and checked the permissions, we should get a ping with your steps each time you sync your Garmin band with the Garmin Connect app. This happens in the background and is processed automatically, although there may be a delay of around 10 minutes before the daily total is updated on your Big Team Challenge account.

Getting in touch for help

If you are still having issues, please reach out to technical support by using the help chat on the Big Team Challenge mobile app or your challenge website.

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